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Jewelry Production Consultant

Sonder Consultancy is a bespoke consulting agency specializing in jewelry production. We provide production advice and guidance for the jewelry trade. Our current services include Jewelry Production Consultation, Intensive Biweekly Coaching, and Monthly Support Retainer.


At Sonder, we understand the difficulties and challenges many individuals face when starting a jewelry brand, and that finding the right supplier isn’t the easiest since the market is saturated with millions of factories and suppliers. Therefore, we want to use our extensive experience to help creative entrepreneurs, social media influencers, designers, founders, startups, and small businesses out there smoothen their journey. Our services are designed for brands that are just starting out, are in the early stage of the business, or for well-established firms looking to expand their current product offering to the fast-growing jewelry sector. With our help and professional guidance, you will be able to get to where you want to be in a lot less time compared to if you venture it alone. In other words, getting the ball rolling much faster and, more importantly, in the right direction. Our goal is to save you countless hours of internet research and minimize your trial-and-error money in the long run. Most of the people we work with understand the value of their time and prefer to work with an expert who can help them fast-track their startup journey and avoid costly mistakes. Many people come to us having tried figuring things out on their own only to find that their suppliers are not being transparent.

With an education-focused in Fashion Entrepreneurship from London College of Fashion and Gemological Institute of America, and having to work in the jewelry trade for over eight years assisting more than 100 brands globally, from startups to some of the most reputable names in the jewelry industry, our experienced consultant will answer any questions you may have. Sonder Consultancy was created to share our experience and knowledge of jewelry manufacturing and everything that goes with it. Please note that our sessions are currently only available in English. However, we are a very culturally diverse agency and have worked with many clients for whom English is not their native language. Confidentiality and discretion are assured, and if required, a non-disclosure agreement can be signed.

Using our wealth of knowledge in the jewelry industry to help you get started, seamlessly.

No. 1


Our comprehensive "Jewelry Production Consultation", separated into four parts (60 minutes each), will guide you through all the key information you need to get your jewelry business going. Also ideal for creative teams from well-established brands with no jewelry backgrounds/manufacturing experience and would like to better understand this industry in depth. The one-to-one real-time virtual session will be tailored to your individual needs (not pre-recorded) thus you will have the opportunity to ask questions as they come up. The consultancy fee is US $300 net per session and will be conducted via Zoom. For the complete MasterClass, our four sessions are priced at $1,000 ($250/session). We are currently taking limited sessions per week. To secure a booking, please use the below button to choose an available slot at the time that suits you best. We will ask for some brief information, so our expert can prepare for the consultation. Prior to the session, you will receive a link to join the video call at the specified time.


If you would like to discuss something not included in the four parts below, please drop us an email, and we will try to accommodate.

The Supplier Part:


Having trouble with suppliers not getting back to you? Or doubts if you are actually working with a middleman and not a direct manufacturer? In this topic, we will be providing you with the essential checklist and key areas to focus on when scouting and vetting jewelry suppliers, including how to approach and where to find them. We will also provide guides on how to secure the right manufacturer that is most suited for your business size and type. If you already have a shortlist of suppliers you are interested in working with, we will help you narrow down the list during the session. Additionally, we will also be referring production and packaging contacts through various international manufacturers and suppliers in our network.


Pointers on working directly with a factory and becoming their key business partner. Learn how to become an important customer to the supplier and how to get your production capacity secured especially on peak season. Get direct insider tips from someone who has been on the other side.


Bits of advice on negotiating better cost price, payment term, lower MOQ, minimum spend, and tooling charge exemption (product development fees) with your vendor.

The Technical Part:


In-depth technical information on different types of base metals, stone options (including gemstones, Cubic Zirconia, Nano Gems, crystals, pearls, lab-grown opals, and imitation stones), enamel techniques, and plating specifications to optimize the balance between price and quality, as well as your brand positioning.


Heavy gold plating? Gold vermeil? Gold-filled? Coated three times? 18K or 24K? In this topic, we will cover everything you need to know about "plating", as well as any common misconceptions and myths on everything around it.


We understand that buying sustainably can sometimes be confusing. From recycled silver to eco brass, discover sustainable, eco-friendly materials that are available in the market to incorporate at the moment so you can make an informed purchase.

The Design Part:


Learn how to bring your ideas to life with custom design pieces without having to hire a jewelry or CAD designer, and how to navigate the supplier through recreation pieces. We will also include a sample of a typical collection/tech pack run-through to provide knowledge on design versus price optimization. Learn how to de-spec a design while keeping the overall look to achieve your target price. We will also help with design concepts, cross-costing, and range planning/development if applicable.


Trend forecasting is the essential tool for creating forward-looking businesses and becoming industry influencers. We will be covering the latest key jewelry trends and movements to watch. Get direct insights on what the head buyers around the world are buying. 


Learn how to plan out your collections for the entire year. Sharing factors and key dates that need to be considered, from design hand over date to ex-fac period.

The Quality Part:


In this topic, we will cover all the little details that you should be checking from receiving the initial development samples to bulk orders. We will also be advising on QC methods per each jewelry category that you should do on your end, as well as information on sending them out to third-party labs to get them verified.


Learn the legal chemical compliance specifically for jewelry for your target markets, to ensure that your pieces are consumer-friendly. We will also be as recommending third parties testing houses which we prefer. Additionally, we will show you lab report samples on legal compliance, product composition, and plating thickness, as well as providing assistance on how to understand them properly.


Gain exclusive manufacturing and production Insights, and learn how to deal with manufacturers when experiencing high return rates due to faulty or poorly made goods. Running you through a typical claim and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) process. We can also work with you to problem-solve and enhance the quality of your existing product or identify and resolve production issues before they arise. If you are experimenting with inconsistent quality from different suppliers, we will also help address this.

No. 2


A 60 minutes progress check-up session every two weeks for a period of three months. With this course, our consultant will be able to guide you closely through the most critical months of your new venture, making sure you are ON path and ON the right track, from scouting for suppliers all the way to placing your first bulk order. This program is reserved only for clients that have gone through one of our "Jewelry Production Consultation" sessions. We also only recommend this for committed clients that are looking to get their brand or collection off the ground as quickly as possible.

The coaching fee is US $1,500 net, which includes six private sessions ($250/session). All appointments will be conducted via Zoom. Please drop us an email to book your first check-up.

No. 3


Needing someone reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced by your side to provide the right guidance for you and your brand when making key decisions? Our MSR is designed for businesses that require ongoing or long-term support, or for firms that have a specific problem that needs help navigating such as supply chain restructuring or shaving product development time. Our experienced consultant will be on hand via email, phone, and live chat (WhatsApp), including Zoom calls (6 hours/month) to assist with any questions you may have, problems you encounter, or if you just need a second opinion. This retainer is reserved only for clients that have gone through one of our "Jewelry Production Consultation" sessions as well. Think of us as an extension to your team, without the overheads.


Our on-call support retainer fee is US $2,000 per month or $5,000 per quarter. Please drop us an email to sign up.

If you have any questions before signing up for any of our services, please email us at For corporates looking for custom solutions and support to help their business scale, please email


If you are based in the UK, please email directly to


" Working with Sonder was the best thing we could have done to kick off our jewelry line. She was able to inform us of what we needed to know from start to finish. This saved us when speaking with manufacturers as she shared information with us that we could not have known otherwise.

She is a world of insight, and I highly recommend working with Sonder. "

-- A startup client based in the United States



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